Thursday, November 09, 2006

Barnyard-The Original Party Animals.

I was delighted to see Barnyard do well at the Box-Office. Steve Oedekerk is a very funny and talented Director/Writer in both Live-Action and Animation and I was lucky enough to be a CG Supervisor at Omation for a year. Although animating in CGI I still liked to thumbnail a scene first and if an animator was struggling with a pose and the rigidity of CGI I would sketch a pose for reference to make it more dynamic. I still love thumbnailing. I think it is so liberating, not to worry about the drawing itself but to get your head into the character and to feel and think out the performance...if you do that the drawing takes care of itself.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jack Frost

A while back I teamed up with a couple Producers on a project that could have been magnificent, Jack Frost a book by David Melling. The BBC had made a commission but with very little financial contribution, we had to find the rest of the finance (most of it) and only ten months to do it from scratch! To me it was not do-able, (not to do it justice anyway) but they went ahead. I decided I couldn’t work for free and went to the US for a year and unfortunately the project was made poorly in India and has pretty much disappeared, a missed opportunity. The good news is that I will be doing other projects with the talented Author David Melling and I will make sure that any future project will be properly financed. Here are just a few sketches I did. At some point I will add a storyboard here.

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