Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Osmosis Jones

The Animation World was changing. Toy Story had recently come out and had taken the industry by storm. We had hoped that The Iron Giant would but due to poor marketing it did not have good box office. Omosis ones was an interesting hybrid of Live-Action CGI and 2D animation. It was a "buddy movie" in which the two main caharcters are forced to work together and of course dislike each other and do not get along. Osmosis Jones was a blood cell whos job was to literally police the body. Drix was a pill taken by the main Live-Action character (Bill Murray) whose job it was to destroy a virus that had gotten in the body. I was cast the character of Drix and initially it was going to be in 2D. However as I designed him his rather rigid looking pill shape with a cross on would have been a nightmare to draw and having seen what had been done with the Giant on The Giant it was decided we should try CGI. I did a test scene and suddenly I was the Supervising CG Animator on the character. I had a few months to learn Maya and get up to speed as well as supervise 10 CGI artists!I would still thumbnail scenes and do sketches and still do to this day! Here is a mixture of CG work and sketches.


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